Jeremiah 17:9

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes If I do not know you, and if I cannot know you from what this dark world knows, then how can I say those sacred words? I will not trust what I see; I will believe in the unseen—in Truth reigning from eternity to eternity, whom at present only my heart-eyes can see. He has given me this love, His love, for the queen you are destined to be.


Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes She never truly knew her husband. The one who had chosen her for himself, the husband of her youth, when she was mired in unfaithfulness, was a prince. In her blindness she could not see the vastness of his splendor nor could she hear the shouts of his fame. He was a king like no other, yet she sought after other lovers and bore the children of men who were not her husband.

The Song of Songs: War Songs and Battle Cries

Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes To those whose eyes have been opened, the discolored shadows in these Lost Lands point to the deeper realities beyond the Unseen Veil. From the moment unknown (kept hidden from us by the grace of I AM) when the First Rebel despised the glory of I AM, the Kingdom has always been at War with the Shining One and his rebellion of fallen suns. When the First Prince and his Queen also fell away from the Way of Glory, the Deceiver ascended to the throne of this world and claimed Babel for himself. All of creation has been embroiled and imprisoned by the flames of The War ever since.

Isaiah 62:4

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes My heavy heart laughs in the midst of its tears. It finds rest in the Conquering King who will rescue you. All things are created by him, for him, and through him. You were made for His pleasure, for His delight, and you will delight in Him and find your heart’s purpose. Nothing and no one can keep Him from what is His, and you are His, beloved, from before His Song breathed the worlds to be.


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes The rain of the flood waters is over and gone. The long winter of sleep is past. Her aimless wandering is over, for though she still wanders, she is no longer lost. Her hopeless mourning is over, for though she still mourns, she is no longer in despair. From the wilderness, her husband will carry her to the vineyard he has prepared, a vineyard only for two. In the wilderness, she found her voice as her husband taught her how to sing his song.

Romans 9:25

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Do not be afraid, dear one. The false loves are frightful banes, but they are forced to flee in the fearsome power of True Love. You are right to fear Love, for He is not only Love—He is Joy, Majesty, Beauty, Mercy, Justice, Compassion, Righteousness, Grace, Perfection, Holiness, Glory. He is I AM. He is not safe, but there is no safer place than in His arms.