1 John 4:5

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Can you hear me? If you can hear me, can you hear my voice clearly? If you can hear my voice clearly, can you understand what these words mean? If you can understand what these words mean, do they make any sense to you? If they do make sense to you, do they speak to your heart? If they do speak to your heart, your heart of hearts, will you step into the Light?


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Her king has set out to conquer—to conquer not only her but all the lands that are rightly his and everything within them. He is not only teaching her how to walk in his light, but he is training her how to run in his strength. He is not only tracing her hands to know his touch, but he is guiding her fingers to wield his power. He is not only touching her lips to remind her of his love, but he is filling her mouth to purify her with his word.

Isaiah 62:5

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes I see you, lovely, beloved Bride. I see your Bridegroom’s face, radiant, resplendent, and majestic in your eyes. With the King I rejoice over you, for my eyes will gaze solely on the day you shall know your Bridegroom. I cannot be certain if I shall be yours to have and to hold, but by faith I know you are His bride.


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Her first steps out of darkness will be filled with wonder. Her first steps out of the grave will be filled with awe. For who can be more dazzling than Life? Who can be more enchanting than Love? With Truth’s eyes guiding her sight, she wonders how she could have fallen for the lies and the impostors who stole her away from her prince. But Truth’s heart beats in her chest, and the vigorous rhythm of Life’s song gently reminds her that she can only see and know now because her prince has traded away his eyes for her blindness and his heart for her death.

Isaiah 62:4

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes My heavy heart laughs in the midst of its tears. It finds rest in the Conquering King who will rescue you. All things are created by him, for him, and through him. You were made for His pleasure, for His delight, and you will delight in Him and find your heart’s purpose. Nothing and no one can keep Him from what is His, and you are His, beloved, from before His Song breathed the worlds to be.


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes The rain of the flood waters is over and gone. The long winter of sleep is past. Her aimless wandering is over, for though she still wanders, she is no longer lost. Her hopeless mourning is over, for though she still mourns, she is no longer in despair. From the wilderness, her husband will carry her to the vineyard he has prepared, a vineyard only for two. In the wilderness, she found her voice as her husband taught her how to sing his song.

Isaiah 62:3

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes You are beautiful because you were formed in the likeness of Beauty, for in every stroke and turn of your being the Weaver’s marks glow. You are beautiful because He has washed you with His blood and adorned you with His kisses, for there is no greater treasure than the Darling One of the Worlds, than I AM Himself. You are beautiful because the King has given you a new heart, for the heart that beats in your chest is the same heart that once died and came back to life that you may know the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes The prince purchased his bride with his life as the brideprice, but he did not pay for her alone. Though all the world was rightly his as the only and beloved son of the high king, when he redeemed his faithless bride-to-be, he bought the whole world with her, so that he may lavish her with all that he possesses—To let her and all the world know that she is the crowning jewel of all his treasures.

Isaiah 62:2

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes We were never meant to be suns and stars, dear one. Even now you are still a moon, for the light you shine with is not your own but merely that granted to you by the fallen suns who followed the prince of this world in rebelling against the Sovereign One and claimed the dominions I AM entrusted to them as their own. Your glory and your fame ultimately return to the lord you serve, and in The War there are only two sides. I find comfort as I hope in faith that just as I was taken captive by the King, He will surely come for you, too. With the eyes of faith, I see you for who you are meant to be, young queen.


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Out of the Darkness, I AM preserved the Light of Hope in the Seed of Truth through His Faithful Remnant. Out of the Formless, I AM wiped away wickedness and brought order once more as the True Sovereign who Rules over All. Out of the Void, I AM’s Glory resounded throughout creation in the echoes of His Righteous Judgment and in the declarations of His Mercy.