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Genesis 6:8-8:22. John 1:9-13. Song of Songs 2:8-17. Hosea 2:14-23.

Out of the Darkness, I AM preserved the Light of Hope in the Seed of Truth through His Faithful Remnant. Out of the Formless, I AM wiped away wickedness and brought order once more as the True Sovereign who Rules over All. Out of the Void, I AM’s Glory resounded throughout creation in the echoes of His Righteous Judgment and in the declarations of His Mercy. He set His Tapestry of Colors against the Veil, the Second Verse of His Covenantal Oath which he swore to His Faithful Remnant, and He re-established their dominion over all creation. So began the Second Age of the Exile, led by the descendants of the Eldest One through the First Sojourner and his three sons, from whom all the peoples of this age are descended.

Be patient with her, for she knows less than a child, for all her unlife she has only known the sleep of death. Though she is now awake, her eyes remain blurry and she must learn to tell true colors from shadows, true sounds from hallucinations, true emotions from phantoms. Be gentle with her as she battles with her fears and the memories of the lies lingering in her soul, for she knows less than a slave, for all her unlife the only freedom she has known was in the tiny cell of herself. Though she is now unbound, her hands and feet remain heavy from the weight of her broken shackles and she must learn to walk within the Light, to walk in step with Life, to walk under the weight of Glory. Be kind to her, for she knows less than a young maiden, for all her unlife she has only known the mockeries of love. Now she has her whole life and eternity to truly know Love and to be truly known.