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Genesis 5:28-29; 8:20-22. John 1:9-13. Song of Songs 2:8-17. Hosea 2:16-23.

The mystery of I AM’s Rescue was always there for all to see, but in the way of I AM, only in His time (and all of time is I AM’s) and only to those who belong to I AM would the mystery be revealed. If I AM has woven the reflections of the melody of His Covenantal Oath to resound throughout history in the wondrous arrangement ultimately leading to the Day of Glory, then the Heir of Promise Himself imaged by the Reflections of I AM appearing throughout the ages is another element of the Master’s Symphony. The First Sojourner was one of these Foreshadows, shining lights of the Faithful Remnant yet murky reflections muddied by rebellion. He was the Foreshadow of Rest, of I AM’s Comfort who would lift the curse from these Lost Lands and gather His Chosen from the Wailing Waters and bring them into the music of His rest.

Her first steps out of darkness will be filled with wonder. Her first steps out of the grave will be filled with awe. For who can be more dazzling than Life? Who can be more enchanting than Love? With Truth’s eyes guiding her sight, she wonders how she could have fallen for the lies and the impostors who stole her away from her prince. But Truth’s heart beats in her chest, and the vigorous rhythm of Life’s song gently reminds her that she can only see and know now because her prince has traded away his eyes for her blindness and his heart for her death. Patiently, her king gently leads her, for now, matching her pace as she learns how to truly walk with him side by side. As her feet grow stronger and her steps become firmer, the way he has prepared for her will not always be filled with flat lands and gentle slopes. She was reborn as no mere maiden, but a warrior-bride who would one day be queen. His queen.