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Genesis 9:5-17. John 1:9-13. Song of Songs 2:10-17. Hosea 2:19-23.

The Second Age of the Exile began while the curse remained, but I AM declared to all of creation that the princes of earth were His Reflections in spite of their doom. The beasts, the gods, and the fallen immortals themselves may forget, but no matter how deep the shadows fall, the marks of I AM can never be extinguished. When I AM re-established the dominion of men, He knew that they would fail, for if the First Prince had fallen in the innocence of the Garden-Court, how would the First Sojourner and his descendants succeed in these Lost Lands beneath the Veil? I AM knew that the light in their hearts was darkness, for not even the Faithful Remnant could stand before His glory, yet the Tapestry of Colors stands in the heavens below to this day, singing the Song of songs after the rain to remind us of the Heir of Promise who has appeased I AM’s tears.

Her king has set out to conquer—to conquer not only her but all the lands that are rightly his and everything within them. He is not only teaching her how to walk in his light, but he is training her how to run in his strength. He is not only tracing her hands to know his touch, but he is guiding her fingers to wield his power. He is not only touching her lips to remind her of his love, but he is filling her mouth to purify her with his word. His queen stands at his side at the frontlines of the war, and she must fight to keep the lands of her heart that her king has won back from her old lovers, from the thieving shadows trespassing in their royal vineyard. For now she knows that she is not her own—she was never her own, and she can only marvel at how, waking from her lying dream, her heart now knows that her prince is hers. No one can take her from his hands, so she will fight for life against all that would dare.