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Genesis 9:5-17. John 1:9-13. Song of Songs 3:1-5. Hosea 3:1-5.

The Heir of Promise would answer the flood of I AM’s tears with his own tears of blood.

Justice requires a Price, and Grace requires a Ransom. Who shall pay the Price? Who shall be the Ransom? Death calls for blood, and shed blood cries for death. Who alone has the right to avenge? Who alone can uphold Justice? For though He had re-established the princes of earth as His regents, they were not restored to the office of the First Prince and his Queen in the Garden-Court. The Shining One and his fallen suns still ruled in the Lost Lands, waiting for the dying immortals to chase after them once more. What authority I AM had granted to the princes of earth the rebels must respect, but they had made slaves of kings and heroes and they shall do so again. I AM knew none of the fallen could stand before Him, but how should the stains upon His glory be washed away, now that He has sworn by His Tapestry of Colors? The Heir of Promise would answer the flood of I AM’s tears with his own tears of blood.

She must face the treacherous shadows in her own heart. She must battle with the lying phantoms in her own soul. The queen must learn how to defend the royal vineyard, so her king will depart from her that she may grow. She will only know that she and her king are truly one as she faints in her longing to be by his side. She will search for him far and wide, under the noonday sun’s scorn and the midnight moon’s mockery, and by her sweat, blood, and tears she will see the folly of her adultery. She will come to see how she truly is, and she will know how she is unworthy of her king. Yet the new heart she has received can lead her no other way. But all is for her good, for the king does not wish to torture her with her memories. The deeper she goes, the more she will see how he has always been ruling over her destiny.