Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes This light was no light but the darkness of death, and all of creation was bathed in the death reflected from the hearts of its fallen rulers. The Name of I AM had been silenced from the lips of men, but the Wailing Waters were not alone in their keening. Who could fathom the grief of I AM’s heart? Even as His Righteous Spirit moved to avenge the Sovereign’s Glory, His Wrath was never separated from His Sorrow and His Compassion.


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes The world drowned in the Wailing Waters as the Curse perverted all that I AM declared good. The god of this world and the powers and authorities under his command sought to bring the fallen princes of earth deeper into perdition. The battle lines were drawn. Among the Exiles some remained true to I AM, looking toward the Heir of Promise as they called upon the Name of I AM, returning to the Song of songs, though they could no longer sing it or hear it as clearly as it was sung in the Garden-Court.


Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes When I AM wove His greatest mystery into creation, The Tragedy was already woven into the pattern of His masterpiece. He is I AM. Above all and Ruler of all. Nothing has ever been, nothing is, and nothing can ever be if not for the Word of His Song of songs. The First Kingdom was lost because the First Prince had failed, but the Kingdom forever stands, and the King forever reigns. The prince of this world could not rejoice, for his reign as a usurper was numbered.


Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes From the ashes and blood of the First Kingdom, the First Rebel took the throne and became the prince of this world, the god of these Lost Lands. But his rule is but a perverted imitation of the True Sovereign’s, for such are the limits of his nature. He rules over the dead, but he is not the Lord over Death. Death will not have the final victory, for I AM who is the Lord over Death is not a god of the dead but the God of the Living.


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes The Eldest and his queen, now gods doomed to die, mourned with the Wailing Waters. For our First Father and First Mother—who knew Life and were known by Life as they, now a broken two, knew what it was like to be truly one—death had already begun. They were yet immortals but unliving immortals awaiting the fullness of their sentence of death.


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes She called him “Beloved”, not knowing that she still spoke in the tongue of lies, not knowing which of her own thoughts were true and untrue. All she knew at that moment were the arms that held her and wrapped her darkness in his light, her death in his life, but underneath she remained bloody and unclean. How could she have known?


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes In the blood of her impurity, he found her and called her his own. A harlot for a prince; a whore for a king. In the shame of her nakedness, he spread his banner of love over her and declared that he would wage war for her. In his eyes, he saw her past, present, future, and eternity all at once, and so he proclaimed her, “O most beautiful among women!”


Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes From the womb she was so, and as she was did he chose her in her youth and spread his wings over her naked form. He spread his veil of love over her and paid a queen’s brideprice for a whore. If the dead could have seen, they would have been seized by madness and wonder, but the dead remain lost in their slumber.